Chinese people feel the first effects of the social rating system

Critics of the new and controversial Chinese social system argue that it ignores the personal circumstances of people's lives and creates serious problems for those who find themselves on the list of unreliable. As a result of its application, their basic civil rights are violated. On the contrary, its apologists see in it the desire of the state to support law-abiding citizens. However, in any case, an attempt to motivate people to exemplary behavior is already bearing the first fruits - good or bad.

According to the annual report of the National Credit Information Center, over the past year, approximately 17.46 million people were deprived of the opportunity to buy plane tickets and 5.47 million - on the train. Some were banned from taking out premium insurance, managing real estate and property because of "unreliable behavior."

Legal entities also got it. Thus, more than 5.39 million Chinese enterprises, due to their "dubious behavior", experience problems with access to securities markets, participation in land auctions, project bidding and other services.

On the other hand, such a tough position of the state made 3.51 million people last year pay off debts and pay fines. At the same time, the credit authorities collected 14.21 million facts about individuals and businesses - from non-payment of loans and booking seats on trains to inappropriate behavior in hospitals and misleading consumers with false advertising.