Hawaii wants to ban cigarettes for those under 100

A total ban on smoking rarely leads to positive results, so the Hawaiian authorities decided to cheat. Rep. Richard Creegan has introduced a new bill that gradually raises the age of permission to buy cigarettes from the current 21 to 100 years. There are very few such centenarians in the region, and if the initiative passes, from 2024 in Hawaii they will simply stop selling cigarettes - there will be no one to buy them.

The problem with smoking is that it is comparable to drug addiction - but, unlike it, it is completely legal and the authorities do not have effective methods of control over the situation.

On the other hand, the tobacco industry itself is a very profitable business, and even after all the anti-nicotine campaigns of the past years, it continues to bring Hawaii up to $ 100 million in taxes alone. Therefore, the main idea is not to prohibit people from smoking, but to take this process and related financial flows under the control of the state. Therefore, it is proposed to raise the age of access to cigarettes first to 30 years, then to 50, then to 70, etc. The Hawaiian initiative is a touchstone, a desire to gauge the public's response to such reforms.

In addition, Hawaii, as a separate territory, is convenient for conducting an economic experiment - how will the withdrawal of cigarettes from sale affect local trade? Logically, tobacco lovers will be forced to switch to other types of tobacco, for example, electronic cigarettes or chewing mixtures. By the way, the ban on them does not apply, only to traditional cigarettes, so in the future it will be possible to see the transformation of the tobacco market, which opens up different opportunities for both the state and business.