Space Roasters start-up is going to make space coffee

The founders of the UAE startup Space Roasters have revealed that they have developed the perfect way to roast coffee beans using the heat generated by the return of spacecraft to earth.

In an interview with Room magazine, they stated:

The recipe for making coffee beans has remained the same for centuries, but since space science has already improved many technologies, it is time to revolutionize the roasting of coffee beans.

How it works? The company said that they have already patented a "capsule for frying in space", inside which there are four separate cylindrical sections, each designed for 75 kg of grains.

Unlike terrestrial conditions, where grains are fried from contact with a hot brazier, in space they, being in a state of weightlessness inside the capsule, will be fried evenly without burning. The whole process will take place as the module descends from coffee to the surface of the planet. As the developers promise, the 20-minute space roast will provide flavor and aroma not available on Earth.

However, skeptics have a completely legitimate question: How much will a cup of space coffee cost, taking into account all the costs of making it? According to the most conservative estimates, taking into account the costs of launching a 500-kilogram capsule with 300 kg of grains into orbit at an altitude of 180 km, roasting each kilogram will cost $ 20, 000, that is, $ 200 per cup. If you add in the cost of capsule design, advertising and other related costs, then its price can easily rise to $ 500.