Industrial cranes are extremely vulnerable to hackers

Cyber ​​security experts from Trend Micro have provided the media with a document that suggests the world is in enormous potential danger. It turns out that an unimaginable amount of outdated hardware has little to no protection against hackers. And it can be easily hacked, as demonstrated by the example of huge construction and factory cranes.

The vulnerability of the cranes turned out to be the old proprietary protocols for wireless control systems. They were developed at a time when they were more concerned about the safety of people on the job site and the equipment itself than about its cyber defense. In addition, this is exclusively proprietary software, which may be full of holes, but no one will know about it due to bureaucratic delays. But if he did find out ... it turned out to be very easy for Trend Micro to hack and subordinate the crane to their teams.

And the same, in theory, threatens a wide range of powerful industrial equipment from a bygone era. While it is working and making a profit, all statements about the need for an upgrade, software updates, etc. leadership is deafening. They can also be understood - so far, history does not know examples of someone breaking a crane and arranging Armageddon on a construction site, as in Hollywood blockbusters. And businessmen cannot afford to spend money on protection against hypothetical threats.

The most interesting thing about this situation is that Trend Micro came up with a private initiative. And experienced journalists recalled that about ten years ago, agents from various US government services tried to talk about something similar, calling for a change in national security policy. But time passes, and various infrastructure around the world remains vulnerable to hacker attacks.