Caper AI carts could change the retail world forever

It would seem that with the explosive growth of online commerce, retail trade will gradually disappear. However, today in the United States you can see its real renaissance. For example, Amazon in its Go stores demonstrated that using a combination of artificial intelligence, sensors and cameras, you can make purchases without going to the checkout.

However, this system turned out to have its drawbacks: it is difficult to scale, and it can pay off only in the long run. In addition, installing hundreds or even thousands of cameras and sensors in huge chain supermarkets like Walmart or Target is hardly advisable.

The solution to this problem can be a cart for goods Caper with elements of AI - the product of a startup of the same name. The sensors built into it are able to automatically identify each product and calculate the total value of the entire purchase. Once shopping is complete, shoppers will be able to pay for the purchase using the built-in payment terminal.

Caper will surely interest large retailers. Compared to Amazon Go ordering using cameras, the Caper looks simpler and more efficient.

Currently, the smart cart is in a limited testing phase - that is, customers first manually scan the barcode and only then place the product in the cart. The Caper developers hope to make the process fully automatic by the end of this year, after which the new technology will be launched in 150 US stores.