Russian startup StartRocket wants to display ads from space

Russian startup StartRocket intends to bring to the market a product that assumes that big brands will gladly pay for radically visible advertising. We are talking about the creation of man-made constellations in the night sky, which will consist of groups of microsatellites.

The Russian innovators called their technology "Orbital Display", it is based on the control of a flotilla of "cubsat" satellites, which will be heaped into orbit 400-500 km. They will fly over the Earth at high speed, remaining in the field of view for only a few minutes. Observers from the ground will be able to notice satellites with the help of light reflected from the corps, and their relative position will form a pattern in the form of a brand logo or an advertising inscription.

The launch of the first batch of satellites is scheduled for 2020; by 2021, the startup plans to start providing services for displaying advertising in the sky. Experts do not see any problems in the technical part of the project, it is relatively simple and cheap, although the final picture will be little reminiscent of the current colorful renders. The problem is in the legal field. It is unlikely that the authorities of all states will give the go-ahead for these satellites to fly over their territory, and even with the display of annoying advertising.

However, the founders of StartRocket have a compelling counterargument. In the spring of 2018, New Zealand startup Rocket Lab was already launching a similar device, the brilliant Star of Humanity polyhedron. There is a precedent, and as soon as mankind will inevitably master near space and build stations in orbit, it would be nice to stake out a promising direction of activity right now.