KeyHero service offers to store spare copies of regular keys in the digital cloud

Loss of keys is a problem that each of us has faced at least once. Hillman Group proposes to solve this problem with the help of the KeyHero service, which it presented at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The service makes it possible to create secure digital copies of physical keys that can be stored in the cloud and managed through a special smartphone application. If necessary, a digital copy can be recreated at any Home Depot store (household goods, tools) for $ 3-4.

Digital copies are reliably protected. They are stored using multi-level encryption that meets military-grade security standards. To get access to the key, you need to pass three-factor authentication, which is not associated with your address.

Only the KeyKrafter can decrypt the digital key code, which requires a one-time PIN. The KeyHero app is available for both iPhone and Android. It's free, just like the backup service itself - you only charge for printing a new key.