A secret cargo was hidden aboard a Tesla electric car launched into space

Last year, the launch of a Tesla roadster into space with a Falcon Heavy rocket made headlines around the world. But until now, few people know that in addition to the electric car, there was also a second, secret cargo on board.

Hidden inside the first space car is a device called Arch, which looks like a tiny Blu-ray disc. It contains Elon Musk's favorite book - Isaac Asimov's trilogy "Foundation".

Arch storage technology was developed by the non-profit organization Arch Mission Foundation (California, USA) under the leadership of Peter Kazansky, an employee of the University of Southampton, Russian scientist.

Arch is a coin-sized disc that can hold nearly 360 terabytes of information, which is the equivalent of 7, 000 Blu-ray discs. In addition, it has a truly eternal resource - information on it can be stored for up to 14 billion years.

Such impressive characteristics were achieved due to a unique material - special quartz glass. Information in such glass is recorded at the nanoscale using ultrashort laser pulses.