The United States is preparing to legalize the project of converting deceased people into compost

In Washington state, local authorities are working on a new bill that will add an alternative method of burying the bodies of deceased citizens. We are talking about the processing of corpses into compost mass, which will become fertilizer for green spaces. The author of the bill is Senator Jamie Peterson, who summarized the wishes of many people who are fascinated by the idea of ​​becoming a source of new life or part of a historical monument after death.

The idea is far from new, it is quite simple in essence and in implementation, but it contradicts the legislation - the senators of Washington want to eliminate this legal conflict. This is not a fad for the sake of attracting the attention of voters, but a real legislative process. Peterson put forward the idea back in 2017, but then it was rejected due to imperfect technologies - fears were expressed that a human body, dirty in every sense, would become breeding grounds for harmful microbes, and not a useful substance.

At the request of state authorities, Associate Professor Lynn Carpenter-Boggs conducted months of research on donor bodies. The corpses were placed in composting chambers, where the flesh was decomposed by microorganisms, mixed with straw and sawdust. Scientists have worked out ventilation technologies and catalyzed processes to eliminate the risks of pathogens. As a result, a "recipe" was obtained according to which composting of the body takes about a month, and the output is 1 cubic meter universal fertilizer.

It is better for moral guardians and adherents of tradition not to interfere with the work of Washington senators, in order to avoid the wrath of ordinary Americans. According to the National Association of Funeral Directors, citizens of this country are increasingly forced to raise money for funerals at crowdfunding sites or seek help from sponsors. Less than a quarter of the country's population can afford to pay $ 7, 000 to move a corpse into a coffin and underground, while composting will cost no more than $ 5, 000. And if you will bequeath to turn yourself into a fruit tree, then the proceeds from the sale of the crop for several decades will cover all expenses.