Chinese company BigPixel creates the highest resolution photo in the world

The photo, taken from one of the highest points in the vicinity of Shanghai - the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, managed to make a lot of noise, especially among users of social networks: it was viewed and studied by more than 8 million people. The authors from BigPixel studio report that the image resolution is 195 gigapixels.

To understand whether this is a lot or a little, it is enough to remember that the resolution of digital cameras and smartphones we are used to today is about 12 megapixels. In the case of a gigapixel, we are already talking about a billion pixels.

Such characteristics made it possible to create a photo 2000 times more accurate than pictures taken with conventional cameras. Thanks to a special stitching technology, it was possible to take a panoramic image, composed of many collected over several months of photographs, "stitched" into one whole image.

Thanks to such a high resolution, distant objects in a photo can be magnified many times over - for example, to see the expression on the face of a person who is many hundreds of meters away from the camera.