Dirac Bass technology lets you hear impossible sounds

OnePlus 6T

The Swedish company Dirac has presented a new speaker system for compact low-power gadgets such as smartphones and portable speakers. It allows you to hear sounds that cannot be reproduced on such devices - ultra-low bass. For this, the Swedes used what they call "psychoacoustic techniques."

The dimensions and architecture of modern smartphones do not allow for efficient sound systems - there is not enough physical space. In addition, there is no more room for speaker windows on the flat glass bezel. A few experimental models can reproduce sound at a frequency of about 30 Hz, but for the majority this is unattainable.

Dirac Bass technology allows you to "hear" sound at a frequency well below 30 Hz from the speakers of a regular smartphone, although it actually does not sound from there. It uses a psychoacoustic technique, a combination of artificial overtones a few octaves higher, which misleads our minds. This is not harmful, a person is by nature inclined to hear and see what he wants, and not real things. It's just that in this case it is being pushed in the right direction.

A full description of the Dirac Bass technology will be available after the official presentation at CES 2019 next January. We already know about the first limitation - to use the technology, you need to support the Dirac Panorama Sound or Dirac Power Sound platforms. The latter is, for example, in the model of the OnePlus 6T smartphone, but the company hinted that they are betting on future, newest models of gadgets.