Google is building its own city in California

In 2015, Google announced plans to create a new headquarters, a grand facility called Mountain View Charleston East. Recently it turned out that this is not enough for the IT giant and now we are talking about the construction of an entire town. From the published documents, it follows that the corporation is aiming at a global reconstruction of the North Bayshore area, which is adjacent to the construction site of the headquarters.

Google already owns most of the North Bayshore area and intends to turn the site into a model residential area. This means that on 15 hectares there will be 6 thousand one- and two-storey cottages, between which pedestrian and bicycle paths will be laid. All infrastructure facilities will be located within walking distance, and such a concept as "traffic jams" is generally taken out of the district.

It is logical to assume that Google plans to build a cozy green town for its own employees. However, the plans indicate that at least 20% of housing belongs to the "budget" category, for families where only one person works, with the salary of a school bus driver or office cleaner. The latter will be in great demand, because more than 280 thousand square meters will be built in the same city. m. office space. All of them are classified as LEED Platinum and are built predominantly from wood.

A new city cannot do without an elementary school, a shopping and entertainment center, and hotels. In addition to Google representatives, plans are being developed by Heatherwick Studio (landscape architecture), Sitelab (offices and business buildings) and BIG (master plan). It is expected that the construction of the city will take only a few years, but the details are still unknown.