US police start catching criminals with fake Amazon parcels

The New Jersey Police Department thanked Amazon for its active participation in the capture of numerous criminals. We are talking about thieves of parcels from online stores - the company itself was extremely interested in this matter. Together with the police, Amazon managers used the good old method - "fishing with live bait".

Amazon employees prepared a number of branded boxes with ballast inside, in which active GPS trackers were hidden. The boxes were transported in a truck with the logo of the company, along with other official orders, but left in places previously agreed with the police. Some decoy packages were deliberately placed in the field of view of street and home webcams, others had only a transmitter, and for others both conditions were met.

The first package was stolen within 3 minutes after placement, which almost disrupted the operation - the police thought that the tracker had begun to malfunction. Representatives of the police department did not specify how many criminals were caught during the operation. But they emphasize that the data from cameras and trackers serve as reliable evidence for guaranteed initiation of a criminal case on the theft of someone else's property.

The most important element of the entire operation was the coverage of its results in the press. The areas for placing baits were deliberately chosen based on data from criminal statistics, but now local criminals will think twice about what a package from an online store is: easy prey or a ticket to jail. Considering that in the United States, 26 million parcels are stolen from stores like Amazon per season, the initiative will not be superfluous.