China is preparing to introduce a total system of social rating of its citizens

According to the American publication Bloomberg, the Chinese authorities may launch a universal social rating system in 2020. It differs from the existing rules in scale and inevitability - it will be a mandatory attachment to the passport of a citizen of the country. And ordinary Chinese will have no chance of avoiding state control.

Chinese media say their American counterparts are deliberately exaggerating. And they are trying to present useful and correct undertakings as a relic, an analogue of medieval corporal punishment. For example, Business Insider cites the ban on keeping pets or sending children to school with some bias as an example of such “wild measures”. "But do not developed countries have their own strict rules for keeping dogs and cats, and in elite educational institutions there is no strict qualifying exam?" - Chinese publications ask a question.

The main feature of such a system of universal rating will be the legalized surveillance of the lives of people in all spheres. Who crosses the road and how, uses public transport, votes in elections, brings up children. This is in addition to information about crimes, commercial activities and law enforcement. It is believed that it will be beneficial for Chinese citizens to inform their supervisors about everything important in order to actively accumulate positive points and have time to obey before fines and penalties go.

As positive measures from the introduction of such a system, they call the widest range of benefits that a socially responsible citizen can receive. They are small, but very useful - discounts on all utilities, a lower interest on a bank loan, a higher interest on a deposit, the possibility of renting without a deposit, priority when buying tickets, early access to presentations of new products, etc. But it is much more important that a person will receive all this openly, indicatively, in order to set an example for everyone else with his way of life - in China, they have recently taken care of raising the moral image of their citizens.