A small Japanese company creates the most realistic masks in the world

The small company REAL-f Co. from the Japanese city of Otsu boasts customers like Apple or Toyota ordering unique goods from her. These are masks made of resins and plastic, which are distinguished by incredible detail and meticulousness of repetition of the features of the original human face. The fact is that the brainchild of Osama Kitagawa turned out to be unexpectedly in demand for testing advanced face recognition systems.

The technology for scanning and creating facial models is kept secret - Kitagawa has spent more than two years and a lot of money on its development. But now, based on high-resolution photographs, he can create masks so accurate that they even repeat the pattern of the capillaries in the eyeball, not to mention every wrinkle. Such realism is frankly frightening, but the master can deliberately make changes in order to skillfully distort the mask.

Such products, due to their high realism, unexpectedly attracted the interest of leading Japanese car manufacturers. They want to teach on-board computers to determine the state of the driver by facial expressions and react if he is tired and yawns or excessively cheerful and careless. And manufacturers of advanced digital gadgets that have relied on biometrics need tools to test the reliability of sensors.

The cost of one mask can reach $ 2500 and orders from REAL-f Co. for years to come. Alas, it turned out that existing face recognition algorithms are still far from perfect. And we are talking not only about hacking a regular smartphone, but also about accessing various services. Kitagawa hopes that it will help their developers find new solutions faster.