The Conker project offers to settle inside a soccer ball

Imagine a compact capsule of a spaceship that rushes you to new worlds. It is cramped here, with a minimum of amenities, the atmosphere is ascetic and conducive to philosophy. You can do whatever you want, and you know that no one will disturb you at this time. Like? And in the real construction of Conker there is another bonus - a door back to the real world.

The Conker concept cabins are designed by former Rolls-Royce and Bentley engineer Jag Virgie. He designed spherical houses as an alternative to bungalows, log cabins and frame structures used as individual hotel rooms in suburban hotel complexes. The houses are not for permanent residence, but for a comfortable pastime.

Conker is made of aluminum and recycled plastic, it can be in the form of a hemisphere with a diameter of 3, 8 m and a height of 3 m or a full sphere with a diameter of 4 m. The house stands on four pillars, equipped with an oval hatch door and round portholes. It is designed for the stay of a minimum number of people, so all the amenities are modular and assembled as needed. This is a dry closet, shower cubicle, kitchen, water tanks, solar panels, air conditioner, electric heater, etc.

According to the author of the houses, they can be used anywhere in the world, with the exception of really extreme climatic zones. Installation time for one house is no more than a day. The cost of Conker will be $ 32-38 thousand for the house itself, not counting additional equipment.