Secret vaults that hide the treasures of Bitcoin billionaires

The Xapo startup was launched about four years ago by Ventses Casares, an Argentinean financier and innovator in love with cryptocurrencies. More precisely, only one of them: bitcoin. It offers owners of wallets, where billions of dollars of capital are already concentrated, the most advanced system for protecting access to this wealth today. And she is deliberately covered with mystery.

The main security issue with Bitcoin wallet keys is that they are not difficult to get hold of. Hack the owner's computer, launch attacks over the Internet for months on end, bribe his secretary or banal bandits to steal his smartphone. If the key is recorded on the drive and hidden in the safe, then signal traps are set on the owner's gadgets - someday you will have to use the key to carry out operations, and the enemies will immediately activate.

Xapo offers to hide the keys so that no one can pick them up. Physically, they will be located in one of five existing secure bunkers, including former nuclear facilities. If the owner needs to conduct a transaction, he draws up a request, verification of details and authorization for which lasts more than two days. The details are classified, but the available data indicate the use of the most advanced technologies, such as a heart rate monitor in a fingerprint scanner, to prevent attackers from using the severed limb.

Most of the time, the keys are kept isolated from the Internet, the connection takes place strictly at the time of transactions. The service personnel of one bunker will not be able to carry out the entire chain of operations without the support of colleagues from two other locations - this eliminates the possibility of bribery. It is also known that retired employees of the US Treasury and the CIA took part in the development of security algorithms, and among Xapo's clients there are very influential world figures, financial structures, hedge funds, etc. According to rumors, the vaults have already accumulated keys to bitcoins worth tens of billions of dollars.