Microsoft dreams of changing corporate meetings forever

Most people working in a corporate environment have no interest in any kind of corporate meeting: as a rule, they are boring and unproductive. Microsoft has made an effort to break this vicious circle.

As part of its traditional annual Build conference, Microsoft introduced a meeting format using a 360-degree camera and microphone system, with which you can not only identify individual meeting participants, but also transcribe what they say in real time.

As an interactive meeting progresses, microphones accurately reproduce what each participant is saying, and then display the text on the Surface Hub, a versatile office device designed for group discussions. Thus, any remote employee can become a full-fledged participant in a corporate meeting, even if it is difficult for him to hear the speaker or he is not a native speaker.

As a complement, Microsoft is trying to leverage its artificial intelligence developments. In particular, the AI ​​automatically reacts to the meaning of the spoken phrases. For example, if the speaker said: “I will definitely create such and such a schedule and send it by email, ” then the AI ​​will later remind him of this via the Microsoft Team chat.

In addition, Microsoft demonstrated the ability to collaborate remotely in real time between two meeting participants using HoloLens augmented reality glasses, while others use information from the Surface Hub screen.