Europe's first fully 3D printed livable home

At the Salone del Mobile exhibition held in Milan, they demonstrated the first house in the European Union, created using three-dimensional printing, which is really fit for life. Let it be a prototype, but it is a finished construction, "turnkey", where all that remains is to arrange furniture and other interior elements - and you can celebrate a housewarming. The project is called "3D Housing 05" and is intended to demonstrate the benefits of 3D printing in low-volume development.

The authors of the project found a compromise, they did not entrust all the work to robots, but human labor during the construction of such housing was minimized. In fact, it comes down to the final decoration of the premises and the installation of communications, but the foundation, walls and ceiling are printed by a construction robot. It was designed by CyBe Construction - a manipulator with a nozzle for supplying cement mixture on a movable chassis.

The price of the robot is $ 432, 000 and the payback is provided only through mass exploitation, so it was designed to print buildings of arbitrary architecture so that it can build as many houses as it wants. Not higher than one floor, but any area. The exhibition features a building of 100 sq. m., which has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and spacious bathroom.

An additional bonus - the robot can print elements of landscape design, create an imitation of tiles on the terrace or another pattern. Everything looks very nice, not least due to small touches, like flowers in pots, but behind the scenes the question remained: what is the price of such a house? However, before the appearance of mass, rather than experimental, printed houses, this is not so important.