Lithuanian scientists have developed a technology for purifying drinking water for many months

Scientists from the Kaunas Institute of Technology (Lithuania) have developed a new technology for purifying drinking water, which protects it from re-pollution for several months.

Water purification is not a big problem today. In particular, tourists traveling to exotic countries usually carry special disinfecting tablets with them. However, if today the treated water is safe, then in a few days it may again undergo the so-called secondary pollution.

A team of researchers from Lithuania managed to ensure that water purified according to their method retains antibacterial properties for up to three months. So far, this technology has been kept secret. Purified water is known to taste different from tap water.

It is also known that some ingredients are used in the purification process in small concentrations, in particular, silver, which was used for the same purposes in ancient Rome.

According to the developers, the new means of water disinfection will be produced in the form of liquid and tablets, which will make it in demand, first of all, among the military during the period of hostilities.

The technology has already been patented and is ready for implementation - including for industrial use. Researchers also believe that over time, it will be possible to establish a serial commercial production of bottled purified water.