Bubble hotels offer an unconventional way to live anywhere

The enthusiasm for eco-tourism captures large masses of people, but among them there are not so many real ascetics who are ready to live in a wet tent and drink tea from cloudberries collected in the morning. Most people want comfort, preferably for little money - and the concept of guest bubble bungalows is designed just for this task.

Structurally, bubble rooms are bubbles - this is a container made of transparent plastic, where air is constantly injected through a silent ventilation system. Firstly, this is how the shape of the structure is maintained. Secondly, there is an air exchange and removal of gases and moisture. Third, you can heat or cool your hotel room at will.

Bubbles easily dock with each other through a system of inflatable airlocks, here you can install a warm floor, a bathroom, any equipment that does not require load-bearing walls. A bubble hotel, like a complex of bungalows for a different number of visitors, is mounted in a matter of hours, even in the desert, even on the slope of an Icelandic volcano, even on the roof of a skyscraper in a metropolis. The problem is perhaps with the sewerage system, but mobile dry closets have long been available for sale.

For permanent residence, bubble rooms are not suitable, they are also not adapted to the revelry of the elements. But this is a cheap and convenient way to settle down in a beautiful corner of the Earth and observe the world around you. There is no information yet about when large hotel chains will undertake to massively introduce this technology.