Revolutionary folding wheel Revolve could change the world

German designer Andrea Mochellin was so unhappy with existing folding bike designs that he spent three years developing his own. He invented and patented a large-diameter folding wheel that could be a versatile piece for a wide range of vehicles, from wheelchairs to hoverboards.

The Revolve wheel uses a system of hinges and spokes, thanks to which it completely changes its shape - by analogy with a folding umbrella, only much more complicated. When unfolded, it is a rigid, 26-inch wheel suitable for mounting on a bicycle or stroller. When folded, it takes up 60% less space and, with attachments, can become the basis for a scooter, scooter or some kind of hybrid bike. Strength allows.

Revolve wheel treads are airless and can easily create arbitrary surface relief. This is useful for traveling over rough terrain and at the same time provides convenient transportation when transporting your bike on an airplane or subway. Mocellin is an avid traveler and knows firsthand the difficulties of those who are forced to move around the world on two wheels.

The inventor is currently looking for investors to start production of his wheels. Manufacturers of equipment will be able to use them as ready-made components; there is no talk of transferring the rights to the technology yet. But the designer is not at all opposed to colleagues being inspired by his solution and creating something even more amazing and useful.