Virtual reality kiosks began to appear in France, transporting tourists to other eras

On December 10, a new access point was opened at the Monument des Fraternisations in Neuville-Saint-Vaast in northern France, as part of the Timescope project. It involves the creation of virtual reality zones near real historically important places so that tourists can visually travel to different eras.

There are currently 15 such access points installed in France. The speed of their appearance does not depend on technology or investment, but on the work of artists and designers. Based on archival imagery, maps and descriptions, they create realistic 3D models of the places and events for which they became famous. After all, as they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times about how in the winter of 1915 German and French soldiers announced a spontaneous short truce in honor of Christmas.

Users of the virtual reality rack can view virtual locations in a similar way to viewing the surroundings using stationary binoculars on skyscrapers. The racks are made in an anti-vandal format and are protected from bad weather. A remarkable fact - in addition to excursions into the past, the authors of the project are already creating virtual journeys into the future.

The full scope of the Timescope technology will be available at CES in Las Vegas early next year. It is expected that by the end of 2018 at least 100 such hotspots will appear in the world near popular tourist sites.