Kevlar cartilage will help repair damaged joints

Joint injuries are very painful, have serious consequences and require long-term treatment, which, moreover, does not always lead to a complete restoration of the functions of the injured limb. One of the reasons for this is the lack of the possibility of artificial replacement of the affected cartilage.

Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a Kevlar hydrogel similar in properties to natural cartilage. It contains Kevlar nanofiber mixed with polyvinyl alcohol, which absorbs water at rest and releases it under stress.

Attempts to create artificial cartilage tissues have been made in the past, but have ended in failure due to the fact that they could not hold the necessary amount of water to provide cells with nutrients. The proportion of water in the new material ranges from 70 to 92%. In the first case, its strength corresponds to living cartilage, and in the second - to rubber.

Scientists intend to patent the obtained material, and then find a company that will start producing it in the required volumes.