Negative power plant launched in Iceland

According to environmental scientists, if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced, then irreversible climatic changes may occur in the coming decades.

The Swiss startup Climeworks has transformed a geothermal power plant in Iceland in such a way that, in addition to its main function of providing electricity, it captures CO 2 from the air, and then turns it into solid rock. In this state, it can be for millions of years.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is no longer enough. To avoid the devastating effects of climate change, the global average temperature must be reduced by about 2 ° C. To do this, you will have to capture CO 2, turn it into a solid state and store it somewhere underground. This process is called carbon capture and storage technology, which has been promoted by Climeworks for many years.

With the help of a special filter made of porous granules, CO 2, combining with moisture from the air, retains particles of the substance. The heat from the geothermal power plant then releases pure carbon dioxide, which is pumped into the ground to a depth of 700 meters. There it reacts with basalt rocks and turns into stone.

While the performance of Climeworks allows to capture 50 tons of CO 2 per year. However, by 2025, the startup intends to reach higher rates - up to 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions.