Royal Netherlands Navy will 3D scan all of its ships

Responsible for the maintenance of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Marinebedrijf Marine, together with Artec 3D, will soon conduct a 3D scan of all warships in this country.

This project should facilitate the maintenance of ships, and in particular, radically simplify the replacement of worn parts. Since some parts are missing blueprints or available 3D files, scanning the Dutch Navy will have a digital reference library of all ships and the ability to 3D print new parts to replace those that have expired.

Two types of Artec handheld scanners will be used for scanning - Artec Eva and Spider 3D. They project light in a grid onto an object, then calculate the distance from the scanner to several points on the object and evaluate the resulting distortion. The coordinates of these points will be used as the basis for creating a digital 3D model of the item.

Artec 3D sees this project as a proof of the concept of wider use of 3D technologies in the operation of marine vessels. According to Andrey Vakulenko, General Director for Development of the company, in the near future a special 3D printer will be installed on each warship for printing spare parts.