Norway could become the first country in the world to be completely independent of oil and gas

From 2025, a ban on the sale of any vehicles powered by fossil fuels will come into force in Norway. This is just one of 24 points of the electrification program for the whole of Norway, developed by the inter-agency body Energi Norge. The Norwegian fleet of electric vehicles today amounts to 110, 000 cars - so that people are more actively switching to them, drivers will be exempted from taxes and all electric refueling will be made free of charge.

Today, 96% of electricity in Norway comes from hydroelectric power plants, so hydropower will become the leading direction of the state's development in the next decade. Workers and engineers from the oil and gas sector, which will be systematically reduced, will move here.

Norway, like many countries whose wealth is based on the trade in natural resources, is challenged to respond to climate change and declining profit margins from oil and gas. At the same time, the country already covers its own energy needs almost entirely at the expense of hydroelectric power plants. Now it remains for Norway to put an end to and reorganize the last processes in the country in order to completely abandon fossil fuels.

If you do not wait for changes, but organize them ahead of time, you can avoid problems with job cuts. More than a hundred companies are already included in the Energi Nor plan - there is a chance that by 2050 Norway will indeed become the first country in the world to be completely independent of oil and gas.