A plant to extract CO2 from air launched in Switzerland

Under the Paris Climate Agreement, about 200 countries have pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming. However, cuts alone will not be enough. Experts propose to capture CO2 using special installations.

The Swiss company Climeworks has launched a pilot station to extract CO2 from the atmosphere by direct air capture, both on submarines and the ISS. The experiment is being carried out at a waste processing plant near Zurich.

The catch pumps are installed on the roof of the plant. The trapped ambient air passes through filters that collect CO2. After the filter impregnated with ammonia derivatives - amines is completely filled, it is heated to about 100 ° C. This allows CO2 to be isolated for later use.

In this experiment, purified CO2 is pumped into a greenhouse located 400 meters from the plant and used to grow vegetables. According to Climeworks experts, CO2 will also find application in the creation of environmentally friendly fuels or food grade carbon dioxide. You can also simply pump it into the ground.

In its current form, the plant is capable of capturing up to 900 tons of CO2 annually. To demonstrate its effectiveness, it will operate as a pilot project for three years.