Elon Musk's tunnel boring machine - not a joke?

A short Instagram post from a SpaceX employee, which was immediately deleted, contains a photo of an interesting cylindrical object. It resembles part of a tunneling device, and has a hitherto unknown "The Boring Company" logo on its side. Has Elon Musk really started building his own system of underground transport routes?

At the beginning of last December, Musk was so exhausted in a traffic jam on the Los Angeles highway that he publicly announced his desire to build an alternative highway - underground. And she even started digging a demonstration pit under the SpaceX complex, simultaneously spreading rumors that disturb the minds. Allegedly, it is planned to equip at least 30 levels of tunnels, some of which will immediately become a haven for the Hyperloop high-speed transport system.

At the same time, we registered the domain BoringCompany.com and began recruiting staff for a new project, but the experts were twisting their fingers to their temples. Laying a full-fledged network of tunnels is almost more difficult than flying into space. And who will give Musk to spoil the land of California outside of his private territory? To which the billionaire and innovator countered - and I will build such a machine with which all fantastic undertakings will instantly become reality. And investors will line up with me.

A month has passed since then and interest in the idea has faded. And here is a provocative shot, no comment, as you want, and interpret. Is this really a piece of know-how, some kind of machine capable of tunneling ten times faster than existing complexes? Or, more likely, a publicity stunt - the photo was deliberately made in such a way that it was not technical details that caught the eye, but a large, bright logo. A symbol of a new company and a bait for the curious.