An incredible device will allow a person to mentally control a turtle

Researchers at the South Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a conceptual system that reads human thoughts to control a turtle using a brain-computer interface.

The system consists of a camera, a wireless transceiver, a control module and a battery mounted on a turtle shell. There is also a black half-cylinder with a slot, which is responsible for stimulation.

The camera provides the operator with a "picture" in real time. The moment he wants to tell the turtle a new direction of movement, his thoughts are reflected on the brain-computer interface in the form of electrical activity.

Commands are transmitted wirelessly, encouraging the turtle to turn in the appropriate direction using a rotating cylinder. This forms her natural instinct to move along a beam of light that changes direction.

Using a brain-computer interface to control various devices is no longer new. For example, there are already developments that allow you to control a quadcopter with the power of thought. However, this method was used for the first time to control a living being. As the scientists explained, the technology they created will become the basis for future systems of interaction between humans and animals.