A residential complex with nine "mega-trees" under construction in Cairo

In the Egyptian capital, the implementation of the project by architect Vincent Callebaut called "The Gate" continues. The author's idea draws a futuristic residential complex in which the green area is an immediate part of the buildings. And it serves as a unifying element between the structures, for which it was necessary to develop the technology of "mega-trees".

As an architect, Callebaut is known for his talent for integrating plants into the structure of buildings. Instead of modest lawns and tubs with plants, there are multi-storey columns-frames, inside of which water and mineral supply systems are laid, and green spaces are located outside. They do not need a developed root system, but they are located at strategic points of the structure.

Mega-trees, which look like separate buildings, in "The Gate" are placed between the main buildings - 9 green columns for 8 residential units. A kind of rods, nodal points of the entire complex, through which air flows pass, and around there are multi-level pedestrian bridges and walking areas. Here natural gas exchange takes place, air is saturated with oxygen and carbon dioxide is absorbed.

The residential complex "The Gate" is planned to be commissioned in 2019. On an area of ​​450 thousand sq. m. 1000 "smart apartments" will be located, plus the necessary infrastructure. The structure is characterized by increased environmental friendliness and the presence of both open and closed zones for various purposes.