Power plant "Giraffe 2.0" collects energy from the sun and wind at the same time

Swedish innovation company InnoVentum has unveiled an upgraded version of its wind-solar power plant. Working name - Giraffe 2.0, because this design is not like anything other than a futuristic giraffe. It includes 24 standard solar battery modules, plus a wind generator on a 12 m high mast.

The total design capacity of such a station is 38 kW per day, which, depending on the insolation coefficient and wind rose of the region, will provide 10-20 MWh per year. Swedish engineers have relied on ease of construction and operation - the "Giraffe" itself is stationary, but its wind turbine rotates with the wind, and the location of the solar panels allows you to capture the maximum of photons at every moment of daylight hours. If you put the structure right side to the sun, of course.

The purpose of this particular station is extremely simple - to recharge anything from smartphone batteries to electric vehicle batteries. This is not a household appliance, but rather a household one, since there are two chargers with a peak power of up to 50 kW. Or the device can become an interactive part of the urban landscape, although it is generally intended to be installed where there are no communications and power lines at all.

The cost of the Giraffe 2.0 starts at $ 66, 000, the payback period depends on the mode of operation, and it is the source of the most clean energy. No need to rack your brains and make a choice between wind and sun - the installation offers two modes in one, plus it continues to generate energy even when one of the sources becomes unavailable due to weather changes.