World's first skyscraper with rotating floors to appear in Dubai

Already in 2020, the world's first skyscraper hotel with independently rotating floors will appear in the capital of the UAE - Dubai, the project of which has been developed since 2009 by the Italian-Israeli architect David Fisher.

The 80-storey skyscraper will be almost 420 meters high. Its main "highlight" is the ability of each floor to independently rotate around its own axis - a concrete rod.

Inhabitants of the transforming giant will be able to control the speed of rotation or make a stop using voice commands. The building is designed to be completely energy-independent, thanks to 79 wind turbines placed between floors and solar panels installed on the roof.

In the ad from the skyscraper designers to the question: "How many stars does the hotel have?" the answer follows: "The hotel will be beyond the stars." Clients are guaranteed luxurious rooms with exclusive service based on the most advanced technologies.

The estimated cost of the apartments could be $ 30 million, while the hotel itself could cost more than $ 350 million. David Fisher plans to build similar buildings in London, Paris, New York and Moscow.