Lady Gaga staged an enchanting show accompanied by 300 drones

Another enchanting show, which took place during the break of the NFL final game, with the participation of Lady Gaga and three hundred glowing drones floating in the air was made possible thanks to the help of the electronic giant Intel. Constantly rebuilding in the night sky, the drones turned into a waving American flag, then into twinkling stars.

The project, dubbed Shooting Stars, debuted as part of a three-week show at Disneyland during the holiday season. All drones are subject to one operating system, which is capable of controlling much more than 300 - up to 10, 000 drones at the same time.

However, so far, everything was limited to the premiere due to the strict requirements of the US Federal Aviation Agency, which prohibit the use of drones in the area of ​​the stadium, where the NFL final was held. Therefore, the show was shown in a recording created a week earlier.

The show began with a "stargazing" made with Intel processors. The twinkling drones stars, as they approached the ground, turned blue and red and formed the American flag.

Quadrocopters equipped with LED backlighting, which can create more than 4 billion color combinations and are easily programmed for any animation, were developed especially for the show.

Each drone communicates wirelessly with a central computer, performing its own unique dance without the fear of colliding with hundreds of other machines.