$ 300 million Doomsday Shelter under construction in Texas

A group of investors have embarked on the concept of a "protected community" - instead of walled up in personal bunkers in case of the end of the world, people today want to settle together. And not so much in a sheltered shelter, but in a luxurious condominium, without losing influence on the outside world, but abstracting from its problems.

The explosion of a dirty bomb by terrorists, riots and pogroms, the raging elements, military operations - here you can hide from any problem that does not imply the destruction of the mainland. The facility, called Trident Lakes, will be located near Dallas and will cost the developer $ 300 million. The price of each of the 400 apartments is measured as a sum followed by six zeros. The entrance ticket is expensive - random guests are not welcome here.

90% of the shelter will be located underground, only lakes with sandy beaches, golf courses, an equestrian center, helipads and a park will remain on the surface. Plus a 12-meter wall with automatic turrets and observation towers. It will have its own sources of water, clean air and energy, but the technologies are still kept secret - they will adapt to specific situations.

The highlight of the "protected community" in an attempt to implement the idea of ​​"family stability" - a special bank will contain the DNA of all 1600 residents. If necessary, it will be possible to replicate a deceased person so that the community retains its structure. The technology of the near future, which, according to the authors of the project, will allow famous and honored people to guarantee the safety of their persons against the background of any challenges of a turbulent time.