Chinese company plans to provide services to preserve the memory of deceased people

The Chinese company Huawei is going to provide potential customers with a whole data center to preserve the memory of a particular person, which can be used after his death. Of course, such an unusual service is far from free.

The idea is simple. Each human brain contains certain information that can be copied, transmitted and stored. It's not hard to guess that when it comes to millions of people, computing power with gigantic amounts of memory will be required. But according to the author of the idea and the head of Huawei, Kevin Ho, the game is worth the candle:

“Hunger, poverty, fatal diseases will no longer be a problem in 20 years. But people will need computing power, which will act as a kind of relay baton when transferring information from the physical world to the digital one ”.

Huawei CEO Kevin Ho

In the not too distant future, using a messaging application, a child would be able to “communicate” with a deceased grandfather, whose data were downloaded to a computer during his lifetime.