What the world will look like with 5G technologies

According to experts, by the end of this decade, 5G technologies will confidently enter our lives. What does this mean for us? Perhaps millions of smartphone owners will be the first to feel its benefits, as the connection will become faster. But this is just a tiny tip of the iceberg of the enormous opportunities that we will have with 5G.

Last Tuesday Nokia announced new products that it will present at the upcoming Mobile World Congress and its vision of 5G technologies. According to forecasts of its leading experts, the level of traffic safety on the roads will significantly increase, and doctors will be able to perform operations using robots with a wireless control system.

Faster speed

The connection speed will increase. So in its laboratories, Nokia has already tested a connection with a download speed of 30 gigabits per second, which is 1000 times faster than in 4G. In reality, this speed cannot be achieved due to the many different objects located near the cell towers. Nevertheless, when introducing 5G, we can talk about an increase in speed by 10 - 100 times.

Unmanned vehicles

Nowadays, unmanned vehicles receive information from wireless networks. One problem is the processing lag between the vehicle and the traffic control center. In the case of full autonomy of cars, they must learn to navigate in the road situation and avoid emergency situations. 5G networks will allow you to transfer data in the required amount with minimal latency.

Video multi-casting

Multi-casting video of concerts and sports matches from the giant screens commonly found in stadiums will move to smartphones and tablets in real time in 4K HD resolution.

Networked Robots

Everything goes to the fact that many complex operations will be performed by robotic surgeons. The main task is to make them instantly react to commands coming from the "live" surgeon. The same goes for industrial robots serving conveyors.

Virtual Reality

According to Nokia, with 5G technologies, virtual reality will move to a new level. Participants who are distant from each other will be able to interact with each other as if they were in the same place.