How will our descendants travel?

The travel industry has gone a long way over the past few decades. What awaits fans of distant wanderings in 30, 40, 50 years? The famous futurist Ian Pearson tried to answer this question.

Booking Process

In 15 years, online booking is likely to become an anachronism. According to the futurist Daniel Burrus, everyone can get an electronic "e-agent" placed inside a watch, jewelry or any other thing that is always with us.

Perhaps it will be a 3D hologram of a person, for example, with the appearance of a beloved actor performing verbal commands. "E-agent", using predictive algorithms, will offer various travel options based on the analysis of searches in the network and taking into account the established preferences.

Traveling without leaving the room

However, as travel around the world becomes more accessible, tourist attractions can become overwhelmed. One of the ways to relax without unnecessary stress is to relax in the virtual world.

The largest Australian air carrier, Qantas and Samsung, are actively cooperating to create a virtual reality system for the popular Hamilton Island among tourists, which involves showing a circular panorama from the air, land and even under water.

Airport of the Future

Stockholm-based designer Alex Sutton represents the airport not nearby, but inside the metropolis. The runways will be laid on special supports above the building level, and the entire airport infrastructure will be fully integrated with the city.


More recently, the Shanghai branch of the Chinese airline Spring Airlines began offering cheaper tickets for passengers who are ready to stand on short flights. Ian Pearson does not exclude that this idea will find its continuation in the future. He also proposes to make part of the fuselage in the cabin in the form of windows with screens, thereby reducing the weight of the liner.

Other innovations include onboard family areas with creches and play areas for children. This, in his opinion, will save passengers from unnecessary noise and create greater comfort.

By train under the Atlantic

Sooner or later, rail links between Europe and the United States will become a reality. The young inventor Simon Horton proposed the idea of ​​a supersonic electromagnetic train that would travel between continents in a special tunnel under conditions of complete vacuum. Due to the almost complete absence of friction, it will be able to reach a speed of 1287 km / h.

Travel by teleportation

In the famous television series Star Trek, it is clearly shown what the teleportation process is. According to the famous physicist Professor Michio Kaku, the instant transportation of people in space is a matter of time:

"Quantum teleportation already exists, and I am confident that in the next decade we will teleport the first molecule."