The technology of growing vertical gardens appeared in England

For many centuries, vertical gardens have amazed with their unusual beauty, which, by the way, requires constant maintenance and, today, modern technical equipment. London-based landscaping firm Treebox has unveiled a concept for a new vertical garden called the Rain Garden.

True to its name, the garden feeds exclusively on rainwater, which accumulates in special reservoirs hidden behind the plantings. Moisture is supplied to the plants by gravity through the so-called “wet rope” system - through thin capillary tubes.

The water supply is strictly controlled, which excludes the possibility of excess moisture. So during the period of heavy rains, the water supply decreases. The reserves accumulated in the reservoirs are enough for a month and a half.

According to Armando Reisch, Managing Director of Treebox, this technology of growing vertical gardens can be used in sparsely populated regions. The basis of the garden will be formed by evergreens - ferns and herbs, such as geranium, Asplenium, Polystichum, Carex Elata and Sarcococca.

The pilot version of the garden, presented in London 2 years ago as part of the city's Sustainable Drainage Program, was highly praised, which allowed the creators to increase its length by 3 times to 30 meters.