The Roads of the Future May Become Plastic

Rotterdam Municipal Authorities are exploring the possibility of using plastic coatings in road construction. The Dutch construction company VolkerWessels proposes to use the plastic road surface developed by it on one of the streets of the capital. The raw material for the pavement material is recycled waste of various plastics, the disposal of which is a serious environmental problem.

The main advantages of plastic roads are stability of properties in a wide temperature range (-40 ° C - 80 ° C) and relatively low weight. An additional convenience can be considered the presence of cavities that can be used for laying various communications. At the same time, they will be protected from stray currents, moisture and mechanical damage. The process of their installation or maintenance will also be greatly simplified.

An option is being considered for performing a heated plastic street covering, which will eliminate the need to clean roads from snow and ice in winter. At this stage, the safety of traffic on wet plastic surfaces is being studied.