Designed color flexible display similar to skin

A team of University of Central Florida researchers led by Professor Debashis Chandra has developed a flexible color display that resembles chameleon skin. The effect of color change in this case is due to the fact that voltages of different powers are applied to the display.

Professor Chandra explains the results of the research carried out in the following way:

“We created a surface that absorbs certain light and reflects everything else. That is, it selectively absorbs certain colors, and due to the remaining light, various color perceptions are created. "

This system can be activated using a mobile phone battery, which once again emphasizes its absolute safety. The brainchild of D. Chandra and his colleagues differs from the color displays of the previous generation by a richer color palette, flexibility and dimensions. The display is thinner than a human hair.

Chandra does not hide that the idea of ​​creating the display was prompted by nature, using the example of the elastic skin of an octopus, which creates unique colors.

For the work done, the scientists were awarded a grant of $ 300, 000, which will allow them to continue their research.