European engineers have developed a wireless charging station for electric vehicles

As the number of electric vehicles grows rapidly, the need for charging stations is also rapidly growing, where a charging cable is connected to the car instead of the usual refueling hose. However, at this "gas station" in Zaragoza, Spain, it is not needed, because the car is charged using wireless technology developed by a group of scientists within the framework of a European research project.

The potential of the battery is replenished by the method of electromagnetic induction. Very little is required of the driver - to exactly take a place above the coils, for which special cameras will be used in conjunction with an RFID system. The station is designed for several classes of cars, including small "cars" and city buses.

With the introduction of the wireless station, engineers solved several problems at once. The charging process has become safer, easier and just as important - more vandal-resistant. The charging time has been reduced to 20 minutes.

The main problem facing the researchers at the moment is to find a reliable company that will be engaged in the production of transmitting coils. Then, as the stations are optimized and increased in functionality, a single frequency and coil sizes for the EU countries will be established.