Amazon Online Store Releases Instant Shopping Button

The largest retail chains continue to develop new sales technologies. This time, the US e-commerce giant Amazon distinguished itself by unveiling a device called the Dash Button.

The idea embodied in it is so simple that many simply took it for an April Fool's joke. The shape and size of the Dash Button resembles a key ring with a button on which the product logo is pasted.

The principle of its operation is extremely simple: you should click on the button with the logo of the required product, and soon a courier from Amazon will deliver it to your doorstep. So far, the list of "goods through a button" is limited to drinks, several types of pasta, cheese, household goods, garbage bags and a number of other items.

Amazon recommends its customers to pin the coveted button where the product is usually placed. For example, for food products - in the refrigerator, and for washing powder - in the washing machine. The Dash Button is configured using a dedicated Amazon mobile app via a residential Wi-Fi hotspot.

After pressing the button, a notification is sent to the smartphone. The order can be canceled within half an hour. After repeatedly pressing the same button, you will still be delivered only one copy of the product.