Wi-Fi-based device will detect people even through concrete walls

Devices that can see through walls have long become a reality, and their list is constantly growing. Computer scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Artificial Intelligence and Informatics Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed the RF Capture system that can recognize a person even through a concrete wall.

Scientists have for some time turned their attention to wireless signals, similar to those emitted by devices such as Wi-Fi. As it turned out, they can even track the movements of the human body - gestures, breathing, and so on. With such a device, for example, a mother will be able to control the breathing of her baby, and firefighters or rescuers can identify the presence of survivors under the ruins of the house.

Scanning begins with radio frequency radar transmitting radio waves passing through walls. If a person is there, then they are reflected from his body, after which they go back to the device and are analyzed by a special algorithm.

As soon as even a small part of the body reflects a signal, the device begins to control its movement in space. To separate signals coming from people, the device uses metrics such as height, shape, silhouette and compares them with a database.

According to RF Capture developers, the system can be successfully used in computer games, film industry and emergency services.