Russian artificial intelligence will comprehend female logic

Scientists from the Moscow Automobile and Road Technical University succeeded in the seemingly impossible - to create an artificial mind capable of comprehending female logic.

Of course, this is only the beginning of a long and difficult journey, and the robot has so far only mastered the tasks for seventh graders, but, as the researchers assure, this is only the beginning of creating a thinking creature. After a series of improvements, the robot, which has “grown wiser” many times, will begin to solve problems that are much more complex, relying not on computational tables but on its own mind.

When developing software, the so-called mivar technology is used, with the help of which logical inference systems are created. According to Oleg Varlamov, one of the project leaders, scientists set themselves the goal of making a breakthrough in the field of information technology by creating a device capable of analyzing women's logic through meaningful dialogue.

In the meantime, the robot is busy with more prosaic, but no less important work - mastering the USE program.