Noise-absorbing road surface tests are underway in Denmark

One of the biggest problems faced by residents of settlements along busy highways is high noise levels. So far, bulky and very expensive (up to 3 meters high) anti-sound barriers are used as the main means of counteraction.

The Persuade project is a completely different approach to solving the problem of road noise. A group of European scientists led by project coordinator Luc Huber proposed an original idea for a sound-absorbing elastic road surface.

Its huge advantage is available and cheap components included in the composition - crushed rubber of old tires and crushed stone, combined into a common mass using polyurethane. Already the first experiments have shown that the new unique surface reduces the level of road noise by 8 decibels, which is 85% lower compared to asphalt highways.

In addition to noise absorption, the new material creates good grip and produces less dust. Despite the higher cost of the coating, its use will be much cheaper than the construction of expensive anti-sound barriers.