Explosive vaporization technology will help extinguish forest fires

The onset of summer in Russia is invariably accompanied by forest fires, which annually burn out hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest. But, as it turned out, in the 21st century, the fire has to be extinguished in the old fashioned way - with a cannon or, at best, with the help of firefighting aircraft, which is accompanied by high material costs and low efficiency.

Scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University are ready to come to the aid of the firefighters, developing the technology of explosive vaporization. It is based on the addition of various solid impurities to water, for example, carbon or metal particles.

At the moment of spraying the solution over the fire, these particles heat up much faster than water droplets, and as a result they explode from the inside without having time to evaporate. At the same time, the water droplets break up into even smaller droplets a few microns in size, forming a huge water cloud that settles on the burning forest.

According to scientists, this method will be especially effective when using firefighting aircraft, since it will localize the largest area of ​​the fire.

While the new technology is being tested in laboratory conditions. The main problem faced by researchers is the formation of steam during experiments. To determine the boundaries of droplets and to study in more detail the process of heating and subsequent explosion, scientists are going to use a dye and a special laser.