Chinese engineers have mastered the "printing" of multi-storey buildings on a 3D printer

Answering the question "What should we build a house for?" Chinese engineers representing WinSun will say without hesitation: "And we will" print "it, after which they will show a prototype of a building measuring 152, 4 x 9, 75 x 6, 4 m, erected by them using 3D printing in one of the industrial zones Jiangsu Province.

To implement such a grandiose project, a half-kilometer long printer was developed, filled with "ink" from recycled construction waste. The mortar was applied in layers to form the walls of the building. The first house cost the symbolic £ 3, 100, after which 9 more similar buildings were printed.

According to the CEO of the company, Ma Yi Hye, building houses in this way will significantly reduce material costs and the amount of construction waste, which, moreover, can be used again. The company has already received hundreds of orders from many countries, and this is not surprising, because a house can be “printed” within 24 hours.

It seems that the Chinese have been awarded the title of the fastest builders. However, Americans are still the owners of the fastest Internet at home.