Tiny implants can help people heal themselves

Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Incredible Hulk - these heroes of the screen and computer mysteries share one unique quality - the ability to heal themselves. The main US military department - the Pentagon - has firmly decided that the soldiers of the 21st century should not be inferior to them in anything.

DARPA, the latest military development agency, is currently implementing the ElectRx program. Its goal is to reduce a person's dependence on pharmaceuticals during treatment. The usual medicines will give way to miniature "smart" implants, which will simultaneously take over the functions of diagnosing the disease and its healing.

The treatment technology is based on the biological process of neuromodulation, in which the peripheral nervous system monitors the state of internal organs and regulates the body's response to diseases, infections and injuries, in particular, injuries.

The implant is implanted with an injection. Once in the human body, in certain situations, with the help of electrical impulses, it stimulates the nervous system to heal the body. The miniature size of the implant allows it to be placed in a specific place in the nervous system, which significantly minimizes side effects and improves the quality of treatment.

Experts hope that, if successful, the new technology will be able to defeat such serious diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal inflammation, epilepsy, the consequences of traumatic brain injury, depression and other ailments.