Danish scientists set world record for data transmission - 43 Tbit / s

While testing a new type of optical fiber, scientists from the Technical University of Denmark set a world data transmission record. The previous record belongs to German scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and is 32 Tbit / s, while now the bar has been raised to 43 Tbit / s.

Although Danish scientists have been able to transmit information at a rate of 1 petabit per second in the past using hundreds of lasers, the current record was set with just one laser transmitter. Thus, the energy consumption for the transmission of information has become significantly less.

The new optical fiber used in the experiment was developed by the Japanese telecommunications company NTT and contains seven glass strands, instead of the one used in conventional fiber. However, despite the significantly increased transmission speed, the new fiber also became noticeably thicker.

Scientists' desire to increase speed will help develop technologies to keep pace with the growing Internet traffic, which is growing by 40-50 percent per year. Moreover, with the increase in bandwidth, power consumption will remain at the same level.

The new record was recorded at an international conference on lasers and electro-optics held last month in San Jose.